FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find prices?
The answer is simple:
My V8V is the test-ground for my developments and during the 6,000 to 10,000 km that I drive per season I find something here and there and improve it. This of course is also valid for my own developments. So to say they are constantly improved costs are also changing. That‘s the reason I cannot give fixed prices.
Why no online shop?
I love improving my car and do this for a hobby and not for commercial purposes. If I took the time into account which is needed for development, design, parts and tests and put all that in relation with the number of pieces, my improvements would be much too expensive.
If you are interested in my developments please contact me via the contact form and you will receive the individual price and delivery time. Each kit is manufactured on order and is latest state of the art.
What's the delivery time?
Normally I have all parts for at least one kit in stock and therefore I can ship your kit within one or two days. However, if I need to order additional parts, the delivery time will be longer. Most of my suppliers have a shipping time of one week.
All my kits are ready to install and are even equipped with special tools in case they are needed for installation. You only need those tools which every DIY person has at home.
In case you don’t want to install the kit yourself, every garage you trust can do that within a short time. Of course you can also come to me and I’ll install it.

Something does not work as intended?
Please contact me and I‘ll do my very best to solve the problem since my aim is satisfied Aston-Martin owners.
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