Aston Martin - Perfect!

But there is still something missing…

Do you know the feeling of a spirited drive with an Aston Martin Vantage or any other Aston model on a windy road? Simply perfect - the handling, the sound, being one with the machine.

But still, there are little niggling things that detract from perfection and fail to satisfy the Aston owner‘s heart.

Ridiculous no - does that make sense?
For some it certainly does, but just think of the fogged up headlights and sometimes there’s condensation inside the taillights, just to mention two examples. I haven’t fixed these flaws only for myself but I want to share the solutions with you. You can purchase all my improvements as complete DIY-Kits here and install them yourself or have them installed.

My wife is responsible - Yes, for what actually?

I’ve always loved fast cars and quite early I considered Aston Martin cars as the unreachable zenith of the car industry. My wife, the best of all, found this out some years ago and as a birthday present she surprised me with “Driving an Aston Martin Vantage V8 4,3L for a day”.

Long story cut short - extraordinary. Shortly after this first “Aston dosage” I was hooked and therefore we decided that this feeling had to stay and it had only taken a short while until I was finally the proud owner of an elegant V8 Vantage 4,7L MY09 in Tungsten Silver with ASM. Since this British icon is worthy to fit the Royals we named her "Queen Victoria", affectionately called Vicky.

However, even the British aristocracy has its small flaws and I‘ve set myself the task of solving the equally small flaws in the Aston Martin.

Head Lights & Tail Lights

When I am in the kitchen I can be seen near the espresso machine therefore my wife was rather puzzled when she saw me at the stove and inside there was a taillight “baking” at 120 degrees centigrade. “Do you need professional mental help?” she asked.
Well, between us - where else would you soften the glue in order to take the taillights apart.? Since mine were fogging up, I needed to come up with a solution and so I decided to reseal them. With a special glue and my dehumidifying system this problem belonged to the past. After a successful, one-year testing phase I also used this proven system for the headlights, since rapid temperature changes causes condensation within the sealed headlights. My solution can be found in the menu - My Projects

Glass Sport Switch

… who finds plastic standard buttons attractive or beautiful? There must be better way! Not long ago I installed glass buttons, which rather match the noble appearance. However, when changing the buttons I had to realise that the red LED of the sports button is lit the wrong way, that means the red LED is on in Comfort Mode but not in Sport Mode. How annoying!
So, back to the workshop. Countless coffees and numerous grey hairs later my inverter was developed in order to attack this flaw. A real success.


• I am working on a complete replacement for the outdated Smartire TPMS. It will retain full functionality with the warning light in the dash and remove the expensive original sensors. More to the development in my Blog.
• I have developed a divider for the boot which holds all loose bits in the upper part of the boot. More info here.


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