Perfection – my standards of quality

Since developing improvements for my V8 Vantage is one of my hobbies, I can keep quality, function and visual appearance at the highest level.

  • High qualitiy components - a matter of course (stainless steel screws, electronic parts are sealed with epoxy resin, etc).
  • Wherever possible I use existing inlets and bolts in order to avoid drilling additional holes.
  • Everything has to function in the background - nothing should be visible.
  • Visible components are integrated into the Aston Martin without being obvious.
  • All developed optimisations are tested thoroughly over a lenghty period of time.
  • All my kits are ready to be installed with the least possible effort.
  • There is no need to purchase special tools - if a special tool is required, it is part of the installation kit. Basic hand tools which everybody has at home and a cordless drill/screwdriver should be enough for the DIY installation.
  • Instructions are easy to understand and well illustrated.
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