Boot Divider

The Problem 
For all those small items in the boot I installed a net. However, it developed a certain inner life and its content could be found all over the luggage compartment. As you can imagine, I was not particularly happy about that.

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The Solution 
I constructed a divider which completely separates the sloping part of the boot. This dividing wall is fixed with the original screws and can therefore be easily installed or removed.
To complete the exclusive looks, the divider is covered with perfectly matching quality carpet. Furthermore, I also mounted a stylish umbrella holder. The brightness of the LED light strip is adjustable by remote control.

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This divider is currently available for following Aston Martin:

  • V8 Vantage Coupe (alle Modelle)
  • V12 Vantage Coupe (alle Modelle)
You can choose following models:
  • Boot divider only
  • Boot divider with LED lights adjustable via remote control
You may also order one or two fold away hooks for shopping bags

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If you like my idea and also want it in your car click on the tab I Want It
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