Caps Wiper Shafts

The Problem 
Since I do quite a bit of tinkering in the engine room I didn‘t like the shiny nuts on the windscreen wiper shafts.
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The solution 
Therefore I printed small caps on my 3D printer. In order to protect the nuts from water I sprayed a squirt of WD40 on them, pushed the caps in and was happy with the result.
Of course, this might be only a small thing, but I prefer it that way.

Here the comparison

Without caps
Stacks Image 36
With caps
Stacks Image 42

The caps are available in different versions:

Carbon rounded top

Stacks Image 130

Carbon flat top

Stacks Image 138

Normal flat or rounded top

Stacks Image 145
All Caps come as kit with a small jar of cable grease to protect the then covered nut from water and some Q-tips for the application of the grease.

If you want to puchase these caps, click on the tab “I want it”
I want it 
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